An Introduction to Rwenzori : A Rare Earth Exploration company

Economically viable and sustainable rare earth mining with a deep respect for the planet and the countries in which we operate.

There is really nothing rare about rare earth elements, but what makes this such a challenging form of mining is the ability to extract these minerals cost effectively, in enough quantity to be viable, without adversely affecting the environment – this is what we at Rwenzori aim to achieve.

Conscious REEsource Extraction


Rwenzori Rare Metals Limited is a private Ugandan company, with a majority shareholder based in South Africa. Since July 2016 we have established a significant ion absorption clay deposit that ranks among the largest ionic clay deposits outside China.
Rwenzori Rare Metals Limited is focussed on the development and expansion of the Makuutu Rare Earth Project in Uganda, East Africa.


A clay deposit:
Minerals are easier and cheaper to extract, and a key source of ‘magnetic’ and heavy rare earths.

Our process:
More economically viable and environmentally friendly - we have utilised an innovative method to extract rare earths cleanly and efficiently with minimal environmental impact.

Genuine rare earth concentrate:
Rare earths extracted from clays do not require further milling, crushing or cracking but purely separation and refining – a genuine rare earth concentrate.

Breadth and volume of deposit:
A huge deposit (over 300mt of REO bearing clays), it has sufficient resources to supply rare earths. A theoretical resource model for Makuutu would provide a life of mine in excess of 30 years.

An additional exploration licence to the East of the current project has been secured (also with the distinct radiometric anomaly as the current project).

Rare Earth Mining Methods

Being a clay deposit extraction from ionic clays is lowest cost option for REE mining as against the minerals from hard rock deposits such as those found in carbonitites, igneous rocks and other hydro-thermal deposits.

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